Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Abby's (Abi)

One more Halloween picture. My Abi is a freshman in high school. She has two other Abby's in her class. I have  been teasing the 3 girls that I was going to make them Abby 1, Abi 2, Abby 3 t-shirts for them to where to school! So I went ahead and created these shirts for the girls. My Abi picked out the color of the shirts and then I used my Big Shot to die cut the letters. I don't have a die with numbers on it so I created the numbers by cutting letters and cutting them to make the numbers. The 1 was easy, I cut an I and cut off the serif ends. The 2 and 3 were more of a challenge! The 2 is part S and part Z. The 3 is two S's that were pieced together. The girls LOVED these shirts and the teachers got a kick out of them. A couple of the teachers said they didn't realize that there are 3 Abby/Abi's in the freshmen class! I used sticky backed felt for the circle and the letters. Not really washable but something fun non the less! If I would have had more time I would have stitched all this onto the shirts. Oh well! We can't have everything!

My Abi is the one in the middle. Abby 3 is a young lady that my Abi went to grade school with too and they have been good friends for several years already. Abby 1 they both met at the beginning of school.

Happy Stampin'!


Paula said...

So cute! What a great use for the Big Shot!

Yapha said...

Super cute shirts!! What a fun idea! Love how you made the numbers out of letters.

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

So cute! Fun idea!!

Mickey Roberts said...

How fun! Love the grins on the girls' faces.