Thursday, January 14, 2010

And then came volleyball!

Hoodoos in Bryce

After our amazing trip to the National parks, (Bryce being the family favorite by far!) I came home to find out that I would be coaching 7th grade volleyball. A day later I had an interview for a part time job at Curves that I was later hired for! So between practices, games and my new job I was gone full time! It was fabulous and I LOVED coaching the girls. I'm still enjoying Curves but it left little time for updating my blog!

Then I thought that I would have more time when volleyball was over. Well, that all changed when I was asked to assist a friend with cheerleading! We also had two ladies quit at Curves and one fell and broke her ankle! So the hours have steadily been rising! Then there was Halloween costumes to make, Thanksgiving to prepare for and then Christmas was upon us!

Missing Miriam who was a monkey.

There are many other things that have happened to me this fall but I won't go into detail! I know that you are here for projects so I will get to them very soon. I would like to post at least 3 times a week with projects that I have done or am working on. I'm stating this to you so that I'm held accountable for this.

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