Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had the great pleasure of attending Leadership this year. It was great fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. I roomed with 3 wonderful women whom I hadn't really met before. We have been "talking" to each other online (Stampin' Addicts) for quite some time. We decided to room together and had a blast!

Left to right: Yapha, Staci, Lyssa, and Shelley (me)

We were able to leave our window open all night and day if we chose and it was the first week of January! That is something that we don't get to do in WI very often!(Remember the January tornado of a couple of years ago?) We saw some beautiful sunrises from the 16th floor of the Wyndham hotel. I love the mosaic look to the sunrise.

This is another reflection from our hotel room window. You can see the hotel we were in. It's the short building with the round looking windows in the center of the photo.

I really was awed by the reflections! You would think I've never seen a mirror before. What can I say! When I don't have the mom and wife responsibilities I just let me hair down! I got to meet Sterling Gardner (Shelli's husband). What a patient man to put up with all those women! He always had a smile, even when one in my group decided to sit in his lap!

I have to show you the picture of the integrate Stampin' Up! logo that was hanging at the front of the stage. I LOVE the way this looks.

If you even have the opportunity to attend any Stampin' Up! function, RUN TO IT! They do a fabulous job of putting on these events. I am planning to attend the Milwaukee regional in April, want to go?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And then came volleyball!

Hoodoos in Bryce

After our amazing trip to the National parks, (Bryce being the family favorite by far!) I came home to find out that I would be coaching 7th grade volleyball. A day later I had an interview for a part time job at Curves that I was later hired for! So between practices, games and my new job I was gone full time! It was fabulous and I LOVED coaching the girls. I'm still enjoying Curves but it left little time for updating my blog!

Then I thought that I would have more time when volleyball was over. Well, that all changed when I was asked to assist a friend with cheerleading! We also had two ladies quit at Curves and one fell and broke her ankle! So the hours have steadily been rising! Then there was Halloween costumes to make, Thanksgiving to prepare for and then Christmas was upon us!

Missing Miriam who was a monkey.

There are many other things that have happened to me this fall but I won't go into detail! I know that you are here for projects so I will get to them very soon. I would like to post at least 3 times a week with projects that I have done or am working on. I'm stating this to you so that I'm held accountable for this.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've been missing!

I can't believe how I've neglected my wonderful blog! My goal is to post several times a week! I need your help to keep me on target. If you don't hear from me, shoot me a friendly email and remind me that I need to update!

Since my last post, lots and lots has happened! I'm going to touch the highlights! I had the privileged to attend convention this summer. While there, I roomed with 3 wonderful women from all over the country,

I got to walk the main stage for my 5 year anniversary! No, I didn't and still don't know the lady that I'm walking and cheering with! That's the beauty of Stampin' Up! We are all friends just waiting to meet!

I also won the stamp set Pendant Park and note cards! I will show you a couple of creations with the stamps in the next couple of days. I'm really liking that stamp set!
We also took a family vacation after convention and travel to several National Parks (Arches, Bryce, Zion) in Utah and ended up at the Grand Canyon. It was great!
Well, I better head to bed. I'll be back tomorrow with more! Stay tuned!