Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Innocent Bystander

Hi Everyone!

This was fun project to create. I think it might need a little explanation though. I work in a middle school as a teacher's aide. There are 6 adults in the building. The school secretary is one of these adults. She claims to be an "innocent bystander" whenever any shenanigans happen in the building. In reality, she is the cheerleader for whomever is doing the minor pranks! 

Her birthday was in February. We, the other 5 adults in the building, posted signs around her office that said things like "Innocent?', "Angel?", "Blameless?" and others. This was hung on her wall over her desk, among other papers that the kids have created for her. Was fun to surprise her!

The DSP in this is Cherry Cobbler but it is retired. The current DSP for the Regal family has a paper very similar. I chose birds to decorate it because she loves birds. Hope you enjoy our entertainment!


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