Monday, July 31, 2017

Soccer String Art

I know this isn't paper created but still something that I did make! This last school year, I taught an arts and craft club on Fridays in the school that I work. The principal wanted to do something different and fun with the kids on Friday afternoons. We had 7 clubs for the kids to pick from and they could change clubs at the beginning of each quarter.

We made several things over the course of the year. We did many paper crafts and we tried other crafts as well. I think this was my favorite. It's string art. I printed a picture of the soccer ball from the internet and then blew it up so that it would fit on my 12x12 plywood board. I painted the board. I marked the ball every 1/2" with a pen on the paper, then I put the soccer ball on the wood using tacks to hold it in six spots around the ball. I used another tack to poke a hole at each mark. I removed the paper and put a nail in each hole around and in the ball. I tied the white string onto one of the nails and just wound it around in the area until I was happy with how full the color was and then I moved onto the next area. Once all the white was done, I did the same with the black and added "lines" between the white and black areas to give it definition. I did double up on the "lines". 

I am thinking about creating another one, I'm just not sure what I want to do!

Happy Stampin'!

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