Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Men's Emergency Preparedness Card Kit

I needed a few gifts for my co-workers this past Christmas. While doing a search on Pinterest, I came across the idea of a Men's Emergency Preparedness Card Kit. So I went for it! 

I included in the kit a birthday card, an anniversary card, a Valentine's Day card and an I'm Sorry card. Two of the gentlemen told me that the I'm sorry would be used first and they kind of wish there would have been more than one in the kit. 

Here's the kit when all the cards were put together.

This is the I'm sorry card that I created. The flower was adhered with a dimensional to help it pop from the card.

My Valentine's Day card was a bit putzy but I love the way it turned out! There are rhinestones on each of the flowers' centers.

Tomorrow I will share with you the other 2 cards in this kit. I hope my co-workers' wives don't follow me too closely! Oh well, they can still pretend to be surprised!

Happy Stampin'!
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Card 1:

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Card 2:

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Anonymous said...

I need one of these for women as I make tons of cards but am bad about getting them sent on time as I think oh the generic ones are too generic for that person. Maybe I need to make these for several of my friends with custom cards for them but for me to send! Did that make sense? I.e. Pam's box, Susan's box, etc. for when I need to send them a card!

Chris R. from Iowa

Shelley Z said...

Makes total sense! I think that's a great idea! Would love to see what you come up with.