Thursday, August 16, 2018

Soccer Treats 3

In June, the soccer team had a banquet. I had over purchased on the treats for the girls. I had thought they would win a few more games and they had 5 games canceled over the course of the season. Because I had the treats, I made these goodie bags for the girls at their soccer banquet.

The puns are:
What an AWesome season!
You've got the POWER to do anything you want!
Be EXTRA-ordinary in all you do!
You are o-FISH-ally the best!
It TWIZ true, we miss you!
Don't POP with excitement over the summer!
Thank you KISSES!

Here are the treats that were in the bags. Can you match the saying  to the treat? They really aren't that hard!

Thanks for being patient with me this summer. I have been having a hard time creating and blogging. You see, my mom passed away on July 3. I have been in a funk since then. I am trying to figure out how life works now without my mom. 

I have a few more items that I created this spring and early summer that I am going to try real hard to get up on my blog for you to see. And I am trying to get back to  my craft room. It's hard to concentrate on much. I really appreciate your patience as I work through how to function again.

Happy Stampin'!
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Soccer Treats 2

Here's another installment of those soccer treats that I made for my daughter's soccer team this spring. 

"It's CRUNCH time" with a couple of Crunch bars was another one of the fun treats.

This one says, "BLOW up the competition" and had a Blow Pop for the treat.

I think this one was my favorite! It says, "Be a BEAST on the field", with the animal crackers! I think it's just hilarious! Miriam just thinks I'm weird! I'm OK with that!

Star Burst candies was the next treat that said, "Be a STAR player."

A couple of Fast Break candy bars with "FAST BREAK to the goal" the puny saying that went with them.

The last one for this post says, "ROLO-ver the competition." I put Rolos in the snack baggie.

I have one more post with these corny sayings and treats! They were so much fun to make!

Happy Stampin'
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Monday, July 30, 2018

Congrats, Graduate!

I had quite a few graduation cards to make this year. With my daughter graduating, we were invited to many parties and she wanted to give her friends. Her school colors are black and gold so I use Crushed Curry for the gold color. I don't remember how many I made of these. 

We also had some friends' kids graduate from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. Their colors are hunter green and white. I used Garden Green on these and black baker's twine.

Two more friends' kids graduated from two other schools. I know one set of school colors is red and white. I wasn't sure of the other so I made them red and white as well. The color is Real Red with the black baker's twine tassel.

The tassels were all hand made with baker's twine. While they were a little tedious, they really turned out cute!

Happy Stampin'!
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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Baby Bear Swap

The May theme for my Swap-a-holics swap was brides and babies. I decided that I really wanted to do a baby card. We have had several new babies being born at our church so I figured I could use the baby cards!

I chose a fairly neutral color palate as I will need boy and girl cards, this was an easy way to cover both. Although, this card would be really cute in pink or blue too! I would move the bow to the top of the bear's head if I was doing this for a girl, in pink.

It's hard to see in the picture, but the white strip of cardstock is embossed with Scattered Sequins embossing folder. I did hand cut the bears and the bows for this swap. No, I'm not crazy. I just love the way it looks sometimes and this was one of those times!

Happy Stampin'!
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Soccer Treats 1

My 4 daughters have been playing soccer since they were old enough to walk! My husband has coached and played soccer longer than I've know him and we will be married 24 years next week! We are a soccer family!

Miriam was a captain of her varsity soccer team  this spring. I decided that it would be fun to make little treats for her teammates. The soccer balls are clip art that I made bigger and cut out. The wording was all done in Google docs and cut down. I used lots of different fonts to make them a bit more fun. I layered the puny sayings on other papers.

Miriam gave these to her teammates at their games, when she remembered!

This first one has a super ball in it. I found them at a yard sale last summer. The saying on it is, "Embrace the crazy! It's soccer season!" We had the craziest of seasons this year! Rained out games is normal, especially for the spring season. We had SNOWED out games this year! UGH! We ended up losing 5 games that never got played because of weather. That is the most games that we have lost in a season. Quite the bummer. 

The rest of the treats were candy, for the most part. 

"Play Smart" had Smarties.

"ROLL over the competition!" with fruit roll ups for this treat. I didn't always know when these treats were going to be used so I didn't put team names on them. I left them generic so that they could be used at any time.

For this next treat, I bought a box of individual snack bags. The saying on these is "You've got this in the BAG!"

I bought big bags of Reese's Pieces and divided them up in small snack bags. "You're all important PIECES of the team!" is on this tag.

I put two Kit Kats in the bags for this treat. It says "Kick Kats". I wish I would have thought a bit more about this one! We play a catholic high school named St. Catherine's. They are known in this area as St. Cats. I wish I would have put on these "Kick Cats' Butt". Life will go on but I was really bummed when I realized how well this would have worked!

The last on for this post says "Use your HEAD!" with Air Heads candy.

I have 2 more posts with goodies to share! Stay tuned for the next installment!

Happy Stampin'!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

April Swap-a-holics Swap

April's swap theme was masculine cards. Here is the group of cards that I received from this swap. I loved seeing what everyone did on this swap. Masculine cards tend to be a bit of a challenge for me. It was good to see others' ideas!

Here is the swap that I made. You can get more information about my card HERE.

Do you struggle with masculine cards? I'm hoping to work on a few more to have them in my stash!

Happy Stampin'!
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